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K3vin Envoy Journal entry:
I'm heading over to Bangkok right now. Koh Samui was awesome. I went snorkeling with sea turtles and rode on an elephant. I even climbed rocks and scurried through jungles to get to a waterfall where I went swimming and swung on a vine like Tarzan.

I bought a customized tan suit, two silk ties and two customized dress shirts. I just need dress shoes to go with it all. Perhaps two more ties. One brown and one baby blue one. I also bought a bunch of shorts and will get more T-shirts. I even got a wallet made out of crocodile skin.

The oils and incense I purchased are awesome. But I got injured on a motorbike. I fell twice but not too bad just a black and blue and two scrapes.

K3vin Envoy Journal Entry continued…

The moon party was wow!!! I even got to light a fire thingy and put it in the air. A lot of live drums, dancers and DJs but all had to perform on the drums including me.

I think Bangkok is going to be amazing I want to see the big Buddha there. It is supposed to be the biggest in the world.

PS IM getting tired of eating Thai food haha

Yours truly,
K3vin Envoy

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